What we do

The above mentioned missions of research and human services will be achieved by
improving the level of functional education, training, найти работу в тюмени motivation, financial assistance and
finally by legal support through the missions as outlined below:

a) Educational and research programs:

  • Research programs will be conducted on poverty, socio-economic development,
    human services, human rights, resource development, ICT development,
    environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • Financial assistance to the poor students through Scholarship.
  • Non formal educational to the dropped out children and the adults.
  • Assistance in self development through vocational training and education.

b) Health, Family planning and Sanitation services:

  • Establishment of Charitable dispensary.
  • Assist the government primary health care programs.
  • Prevention programs for AIDS/HIV/STD.
  • Motivation, health education, distribution of contraceptives and promote other related
  • otivation for use of Safe water and water sealed/ sanitary latrine.
  • Supply of tube well and water sealed latrine in a subsidized rate and free

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c) Legal aids/ Consultation and Human Rights:

  • Make the people aware of their fundamental rights and obligations.
  • To keep a vigilant eye on human right violations and take necessary steps of
  • The foundation will follow up such eases without any legal charge.

d) Training & amp; funding:

e) Agricultural Program:

  • Program for new technology adoption.
  • Practice of agro-eco-farming.

d) Environmental conservation program:

  • A forestation/ Plantation.
  • Natural resource (forest, fuel, mineral) conservation
  • Prevention of natural resource (land, water, air) pollution.

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