Our Mission

Mission of the foundation

  • Need-based research, studies and survey specially on the socio-economic and ICT
    development to achieve the sustainable

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  • Research to identify the weaknesses of the socio-economic development of the
    country to assist both the public and private sectors
  • Service to the humanity through intellectual and financial assistance & services in
    particular for the underprivileged
  • Helping the common people for resource mobilization and proper utilization of the
  • Enlighten the backward class through education and skill development
  • Helping in human rights establishment specially for women folk and backward class
  • Helping in women intellectual and psychological empowerment with their effective
    participation in development
  • Work for the cultural development and racial harmony among the communities
  • Helping in promoting sustainable agriculture and environment
  • Helping in family planning and welfare with water and sanitation management

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