What we do

The above mentioned missions of research and human services will be achieved by
improving the level of functional education, training, motivation, financial assistance and
finally by legal support through the missions as outlined below:

a) Educational and research programs:

  • Research programs will be conducted on poverty, socio-economic development,
    human services, human rights, resource development, ICT development,
    environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • Financial assistance to the poor students through Scholarship.
  • Non formal educational to the dropped out children and the adults.
  • Assistance in self development through vocational training and education.

b) Health, Family planning and Sanitation services:

  • Establishment of Charitable dispensary.
  • Assist the government primary health care programs.
  • Prevention programs for AIDS/HIV/STD.
  • Motivation, health education, distribution of contraceptives and promote other related
  • otivation for use of Safe water and water sealed/ sanitary latrine.
  • Supply of tube well and water sealed latrine in a subsidized rate and free

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c) Legal aids/ Consultation and Human Rights:

  • Make the people aware of their fundamental rights and obligations.
  • To keep a vigilant eye on human right violations and take necessary steps of
  • The foundation will follow up such eases without any legal charge.

d) Training & amp; funding:

  • Foundation will conduct training programs for skill development followed by
    financial assistance through savings and credit.

e) Agricultural Program:

  • Program for new technology adoption.
  • Practice of agro-eco-farming.

d) Environmental conservation program:

  • A forestation/ Plantation.
  • Natural resource (forest, fuel, mineral) conservation
  • Prevention of natural resource (land, water, air) pollution.